Reiki means Universal Energy or Universal Life Force. This Universal Life Force or Energy is used for healing mind, body and soul, and even fulfill our materialistic needs. By using Reiki one can heal parts of the body, ailments, emotions, spirits, relationships, items, business, finance, food, water, environment, house and everything else that one can think of. Reiki is very powerful as it is the pure energy of God, and is used to clear negative energy from any place, item and even our chakras. The effect of psychic attack and other lower energies and negativity and easily be removed by using Reiki.

We unknowing have been performing Reiki healing all our lives. An example is that when we get hurt we immediately touch that part of our body and hold our palm over it for a few seconds. When we do this the pain eases a bit. How? It’s due to the Universal Life Force flowing in all of us. Imagine how much better healing can be performed if this energy is channelized and used with the intension of healing with the help God!

Few problems for which we can get solution are:

  • Relationships with loved one and our Romantic Partner
  • Health and Ailments like.
    • Skin deseases
    • Heart Ailments
    • Diabetese
    • Indigestion and weak stomach
    • Weight Gain/Weight loss
    • Memory
    • Joint pains
    • Week Bones
    and a lot more...
  • Healing Animals, Plants, Food Water
  • Childs behavior, memory, disobedience, 
  • Negativity removal from home or work environment.
  • Business & Finance
  • Removing effects of any psychic attacks, or any other lower energy, etc.
  • Lack of Confidence/ Lack of focus
  • Fear of speaking the truth or Public Speaking
  • Stress and stress realted health issues
  • Gynacological problems
and a lot more...

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